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Inside the Student-run Projects @ ISB

ISB’s new academic year will begin shortly, and here’s everything you need to know before school starts.

To recap, we started off our last year with a successful fundraiser for a campaign called, ‘Un ghiozdan pentru un an’, raising over triple the amount that we anticipated. In October, we cheered for our remarkable football team who brought home the prestige of first place from the 18th Edition of the Lumina Cup Tournament. November was all about remembrance, uniting our community to commemorate all of the fallen soldiers and their families, followed up vehemently by our annual Winter Fair, opening ISB’s gates to share the Christmas spirit. While some of us thoroughly enjoyed the holidays, our IGCSE and IB students prepared for their upcoming mock exams, scheduled fastidiously after a much needed Mental Health Week. In the face of calamity, ISB donated a substantial amount to aid those affected by the horrendous earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. By March, student-run projects became a norm, leading to conspicuous developments from our Robotics team, Andromeda, eloquent pieces and articles from The Nest, plans for a large scale MUN and high schoolers taking over Enrichment Classes. Then came Ramadan, the long awaited Easter break, IGCSE and IB exams, Earth Day, Water Day and Mental Health Awareness week, which we celebrated accordingly. The year finally came to a close, with our students creating benign waves of change through attending international programs and competitions, such as World Scholar’s Cup, Duke of Edinburgh, FirSTep and the premier of FDRMUN. But what’s new this year?

Up to the October break, ISB will host its usual activities, including (in chronological order) Health and Fitness Week, International Day of Peace, Teacher’s Day and World Food Day. You can find all of the above on the school’s calendar. However, here are our expectations from student-run projects this year :

  • ISB TV’s new website, offering even more content about the on-goings of the world, a podcast, a blog section, fiction writing platform and a prodigious journalistic initiative.

  • A series of interviews with the new teachers - discussing their plans for this academic year - offered to you exclusively by ISB TV.

  • Multiple non-uniform days, generating funds which we will ensure go to charitable causes.

  • Inter-scholar collaborations on staggering projects such as FDRMUN : reimage the future of diplomacy.

  • Ted X Talks conferences organised in collaboration with vigorous members of the ISB community.

  • A recently inaugurated project by the ECO Committee, aiming to declutter the areas surrounding the school, and reinstate a healthy environment.

  • The introduction of an ‘Anti-drug and addiction campaign’, brought to you by ISBTV, together with Teen Challenge Romania and more.

  • An opportunity for highschoolers to gain work experience by completing internships in any domain, through yet another partnership with FEDEVO.

  • Multiple trips organised by students according to your preferences, submitted in our suggestions section.

  • A reinvention of the yearbook, modelled by your likes and dislikes, putting the spotlight on our graduating seniors; aiming to acquire printed versions.

  • An open approach to student-run clubs and projects.

  • A new approach to sexual and financial education in PSHE classes.

  • A petition to incorporate skirts in the school’s dress code, given the unbearable weather and many more exciting initiatives.

So everybody, brace yourselves, this year we’re coming back and we’re coming back stronger than ever. Prepare yourselves for new classes, friends, teachers and experiences. School has barely started but big changes are coming. See you next week!

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