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Standard brand guidelines for FDRMUN 24-25: Interaction

The design lead for this project is Adam Abdel-Hamid Ahmed.

Recommended aspect ratio is 16:10 or 4:3.

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photos and interaction

Graphic Elements

Graphic elements are used throughout our visual system to support elements like typography, color, and our identity. By using clear and recognizable imagery, they can structure information and create visual interest while adding to the legibility of a composition. 


All buttons should maintain a uniform style across the web application to support brand consistency. This includes consistent use of color, font, size, and shape. The deep blue hue and rounded corners associated with the FDRMUN brand should be applied uniformly to all buttons to reinforce brand recognition. We always adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure buttons are navigable and usable by individuals with disabilities. This includes providing alternative text for screen readers and ensuring keyboard navigability.

See General Assembly 1 ↗

We make sure that our Web designs adhere to the WCAG. FDR prioritizes accessibility for all.


When taking photos, there should always be a single or composite subject. Photos must gravitate to a hue (warm/cool, dark/light), be taken when the subject(s) are all at an angle, or centered around an object or person. For on-stage photos, it would be best if your subject had a text, FDR imagery, or a resolution in progress in the background. Photos are more powerful when in motion, or when a large audience is attentive to one focal point. A photo should be angular, i.e., it should be taken from slightly above or slightly below the subject. Above are great examples that fit some (or all) of the criteria.

Even if the photographer can't fulfill all of the guidelines for photos, we encourage photographers to keep them in mind. From what we've seen, viewers and participants alike prefer photos closest to the guidelines.


These are dynamic email templates. We vary fonts per market to adhere to our licensing agreements. 

Soehne for European Union

Arial for United States

Helvetica for Australia and New Zealand

Soehne Kraftig for any global communication.


The consumer FDRMUN website is tailor-made for

the Romanian MUN landscape. There is equitable access between platforms; mobile devices are on the

same informational footing as computers. This 

ensures that the busy high-schooler has time to

smoothly navigate through our web platforms.

We aim to maintain a clear level of visual hierarchy on our Web platforms. We also ensure equitable access to our end-user websites.



People must be able to discern the information presented to them. When content is communicated exclusively through one sense, some people will not be able to perceive it. Perceptual barriers also occur when information is updated too quickly for people to read.

Text Alternatives

Offer text alternatives that serve the same purpose as non-text content.

WCAG Guideline 1.1 ↗

Multimedia Alternatives

Provide alternatives for time-based media including captions, audio descriptions, and transcripts.

WCAG Guideline 1.2 ↗

Adaptable Content

Present content in various ways so assistive technology can interpret it without losing meaning.

WCAG Guideline 1.3↗

Ease of Use

Make it easy for people to see and hear content.

WCAG Guideline 1.4 ↗


People must be able to understand how to operate the user interface and clearly interact with the content.


Make text readable and easy to understand. Avoid using idioms or jargon. Ensure that the text is comprehensible to all reading levels.

WCAG Guideline 3.1 ↗


Ensure that content appears and operates in predictable ways. Navigation and context should be consistent and any change of context should requested by the user.

WCAG Guideline 3.2 ↗


Help people avoid and correct mistakes. Assist people by identifying errors and providing input instructions.

WCAG Guideline 3.3 ↗


People must be able to access the content and interact with the interface as the author intends on current and future browsers, web-enabled devices, and assistive technologies.


Meet or exceed conformance requirements of AA compliance with current and future technologies.

WCAG Guideline 4.1 ↗

We have the power and responsibility to ensure everyone has access to what we create regardless of ability, context, or situation. When we do this, more people can connect with FDR.

color and light

FDR Blue

FDR blue is more than just a color—it's a symbol of our commitment to bringing people together for meaningful dialogue. It represents the trust and integrity that FDRMUN stands for, as well as the serious, yet optimistic, approach we take toward each conference. This particular shade is chosen for its professional and reassuring quality, reassuring participants that they're part of a world-class Model United Nations experience. 

FDR Artificial Blue

RGB: 81/165/225

HEX: #51a5e1

I'm only used for lower quality mass-print.

FDR Navy

RGB: 0/36/89

HEX: #002459

I'm used for

vectors on the 

OG blue.

FDR Navy-er

RGB: 102/145/207
HEX: #6691cf

I'm used for

post user-interaction material.

FDR Blue

RGB: 0/80/180
HEX: #0050b4

I am the most important blue.

FDR Monochrome

Gray represents the solid foundation upon which our conference is built: the serious deliberation, critical thinking, and diplomatic neutrality that are essential to the MUN experience. It's a color that speaks to the professionalism of our event, the intellectual rigor of the debates, and the respect for diverse opinions. 

It's also just gray. It's everywhere. It's even behind this textbox.

FDR Grandpa Gray

RGB: 195/195/200

HEX: #c3c3c8

I exist for old printers to be able to handle me.


RGB: 0/0/0
HEX: #000000

It's black.

FDR Mouse

RGB: 102/145/207

HEX: #6691cf

I'm only used for accents.

FDR Dust Gray

RGB: 214/214/217
HEX: #d6d6d9

I am the most prominent gray.


RGB: 255/255/255


I'm used so the gray is more gray.

FDR Tertiary

Our extended palette is designed to reflect a variety of use cases. Only use the following values in branded material.

We only aim to use these on social media platforms, celebrations and user interactable elements (Portico for FDR). These ensure an adequate amount of  visual contrast in our product.

See Portico ↗



Colors are organized here by size. The larger the percentage, the more prominence it has in the system. FDR Blue should be used most frequently as the primary brand color with the remaining values being used as support. The variety in colour is also in our attempt to 'regulate' the use of color in atypical settings. (see our August 2023 Instagram campaign announcing committee issues)

Pairing colors together can be more complex. Higher contast combinations make information clearer, while lower contrast combinations can be helpful for graphic devices.


Gradients bridge both light and dark. They're used to allow the viewer to more comfortably extrapolate what's behind crucial text, without necessarily covering it. 

meet the team  ↗

There is clear visual hierarchy. This allows for orderly, clean and modern design in our visuals. This is especially used on Instagram.


FDRMUN represents attention-to-detail in a world where the nature of the 'informal economy' of student-run projects in Romania renders precision impossible. We aim to provide ethical, qualitative, friendly and enriching experiences to any student who shows legitimate interest. 

It's more than just an MUN. It's FDRMUN.

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